Building Wreckers Local 1421

We will be accepting items through Friday July 30, 2021 at the Local 1421 Union Hall @ 20 Carter Street REAR Tewksbury, MA during business hours Monday through Friday for the food drive we have organized with the help of @lazarushouseministries 

This is to help give back to 1421 Members and the Lawrence Community after all 2020 has put us through. Lazarus House has been breaking the cycle of poverty in the Merrimack Valley Region since it opened its doors as an emergency homeless shelter in 1983. That’s almost 40 YEARS of giving back to the community. So now, with your help, let’s lend a helping hand together.

Less than 1% of their income is from government resources, so they genuinely rely on the generosity of donors. In the summertime donations drop drastically, we can help change this.

We will be hosting an event Sunday August 1, 2021 in Lawrence. Flier for the event to come soon. All will be welcome from Local 1421 members to the entire Lawrence community to come take what they need, and all leftover portions will be donated to the Lazarus House Ministries’ Food Pantry.

Thank you for your time! Please share if you can, and bless you for considering a contribution in whatever way you can.

Have a safe & wonderful start to summer

- Local 1421