MARCH 2022

Building Wreckers Local 1421

On March 13, 2024 we held a Laborers Rising meeting at Local 1421. Arthur Izzo & Harry Antone,  both from Rhode Island with the Organizing Committee, made the presentation.  We learned about the history of the Unions, and how they came to be.  We heard about the growth and power that comes with solidarity in the union , and within our Local.  We saw the proof through wages laborer’s receive (plus their benefits) of the power of unions and the need to voice your belief in unions.  It is our membership responsibility to get the vote out to the towns, cities, communities, and the state to get our elected officials in place. The vote is important for the ones who fight for us and believe in Unions!  I would like to thank everyone that came to the meeting. Your strong involvement will, and continues to, make a difference!
Feel The Power!  Jim McCue